Leah Misemer

Brittain Fellow

Member Of:
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication
  • Writing and Communication Program


Dr. Leah Misemer is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology where she teaches first year writing courses focused on visual rhetoric and STEM communication.  Her research focuses on contemporary print and digital culture with an emphasis on comics studies.  Her book project Comics Correspondents: The Counterpublics of Seriality (under contract at The Ohio State University Press) explores how marginalized readers have historically used the dialogic nature of serial comics to build solidarity and engage in worldmaking.  Through an examination of print and digital comics over time, accompanied by interviews and archival investigation, she argues both that social justice oriented dialogue is central to comics history and that comics and other periodicals merit the attention of contemporary literature scholars studying marginal populations, such as those with mental illness, LGBTQ people, or people of color.  You can find her work in Inks: The Comics Studies Journal, Sequentials, Forum for World Literature Studies, and Composition Studies, as well as in numerous edited collections.  She has served on the national board for the Comics Studies Society and currently serves on the Executive Committee for the MLA Forum on Comics and Graphic Narratives.


  • ENGL-1101: English Composition I
  • ENGL-1102: English Composition II
  • LMC-4701: US Rsch Proposal Writing