Maria Chappell

Brittain Fellow

Member Of:
  • School of Literature, Media, and Communication
  • Writing and Communication Program
Office Location:
Hall 9
Office Hours:
Th 11:30-1:30


Pronunciation of Name:
like "Mariah"
Personal Pronouns:

Maria Chappell is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She received her PhD from the University of Georgia, and her main research interests include digital humanities and Renaissance literature. In her classes, she not only teaches students about digital scholarship methods, but she also has them engage hands-on with the physical and material natures of books and items from the Georgia Tech libraries. In addition to teaching first-year writing and communication courses, she also works as a Professional Consultant in the Communication Center at Georgia Tech. 


Research Fields:
  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Digital Humanities
  • Literature


  • ENGL-1102: English Composition II