News: Nick Sturm's Work Appears as Part of New Chapbook

Posted October 1, 2019

Poets House, a New York City-based poetry library and literary center, is digitizing its collection of rare, fragile, and out-of-print poetry chapbooks in a digital publishing series called "Chapbooks of the Mimeo Revolution." The series makes these rare chapbooks (short collections of poetry often printed in small runs by artist-run presses) available to new readers through introductory essays on the poetry, author, and publisher by contemporary scholars. The two most recent additions to the series - on James Schuyler's The Fireproof Floors of Witley Court and Joanne Kyger's Trip Out & Fall Back - include introductory essays by Sturm on Schuyler and Kyger's work. Sturm's essays offer guided readings of the work of these innovative 20th century American poets and help frame these out-of-print collections in a new digital environment. This digitization initiative resonates with Sturm's interests in primary source-based pedagogy and the importance of facilitating access to rare materials through digital publishing projects, like his recent project "Alice Notley's Magazines." Sturm is using the "Chapbooks of the Mimeo Revolution" series in his current ENGL 1102 course, "Poetry, Painting, and Film in the New York School," as an example to guide students in their own poetry-based digital humanities projects.
You can read Sturm's essays here: