News: 2018 WCP Award Winners

Posted April 24, 2018

Casey Wilson — Three of Casey's ENGL 1101 students created a collaborative project that has won WCP's 2018 Award for Excellence in WOVEN Communication.

Kate Holterhoff — Kate has won WCP's 2018 Award for Multimodal Innovation. The award considers innovative use of media for student learning, creative multimodal activities and assignments, approaches that inspire students to take intellectual risks, exploration in multimodal communication leading to scholarly presentation and/or publication.

Halcyon Lawrence — Halcyon has won WCP's 2018 Award for Excellence in Pedagogy. The award recognizes overall excellence in pedagogy, considering factors such as excellent classroom performance, creative curriculum development, high levels of student engagement, productive use of Georgia Tech and metro-Altanta resources, excellence in formative assessment and summative evaluation, scholarly and/or research projects related to pedagogy, and pedagogical presentations and/or publications.

These winners and award finalists will be honored at the LMC Awards Dinner this Thursday, April 26.