The Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgia Tech


Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship is a highly selective program that offers opportunities for new scholars to develop teaching and scholarship in writing and communication, emphasizing rhetoric, process, and multimodality. The 40 Brittain Fellows use their own disciplinary expertise from more than 20 universities in the US, UK, and Canada to lead the way in creating digital pedagogies to help students learn WOVEN modalities. Brittain Fellows are also leaders and change agents in professional practices through their service.


Brittain Fellows are innovative and rigorous in the course they teach:

  • First-year composition
  • Business/technical comm
  • Proposal and thesis writing
  • Some Brittain Fellows serve as professional tutors in our Communication Center and direct independent studies

Scholarship and Research

Brittain Fellows arrive with research agendas, which they are encouraged to pursue.

They are highly successful, research-active scholars. A number co-author articles related to the program and serve as researchers on pedagogy-related grants.


Brittain Fellows lead a range of active, productive committee with influence.

Advisory/Executive. Arts Initiatives. Assessment. Curricular Innovation. DevLab. EBook. Ethics. Executive. Grant Writing. Professional Development. Special Events. Technical Communication. TECHStyle. World Englishes.

Professional Development

Brittain Fellows participate in postdoc seminars: digital pedagogy, business and technicality communication, research methodologies, and professional development.

Each incoming Brittain Fellow has two mentors – a more experienced postdoc and a tenure-line faculty member.


Georgia Tech’s Writing and Communication Program was the 2011 recipient of the National Council of Teachers of English Media Literacy Award, which recognizes the program for “persistent, innovative, and imaginative application of media analysis and media composition in English studies.