Communication Across Tech

The Writing and Communication Program offers an array of resources for strengthening communication across Georgia Tech, in the workplace, and in the community.

Communication across the Curriculum and in the Disciplines

Exploring topics as diverse as organic chemistry, thermodynamics, and early American history, students communicate to learn about their disciplines and learn to communicate within their disciplines. The Writing and Communication Program can help.

Special Sections

Instructors tailor special sections of English 1101, English 1102, and LMC 3403 to meet the needs and match the interests of students in programs across campus.

Linked Courses

In linked courses, students tackle shared problems and complete common assignments while working with both a communication instructor and an instructor from their discipline.

Guest Lectures and Workshops

Georgia Tech faculty can invite communication experts to give lectures and lead workshops about topics ranging from lab reports to professional posters, from managing team conflict to giving oral presentations.

Curriculum Development

Georgia Tech faculty can collaborate with communication experts to design courses and assignments that address communication in their disciplines.

Professional Development for Georgia Tech and Beyond

Effective communication enables the work that sustains Georgia Tech as well as the industries and communities connected to it.

Individual and Group Training

Communication experts can provide small-group and one-on-one training to broaden and strengthen professionals' communication competencies.


Communication experts can provide insight and collaborate about organizational development, inter- and intra-office communication, and more.